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Artists who Influenced Me
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  I figured just about every other artist has their own website out there,so I thought I would finally jump on the bandwagon as well.

On this particular site, I'm going to mainly showcase my love for art and comics as well as show off a good deal of my own artwork. Genres will of course vary from science fiction, fantasy, and pretty much everything in between.I'll also be covering both 2D as well as 3D art. As for a little bit about me personally,I have been interested in the whole art and comics thing since I was about five years old and have been to countless conventions as well as helped out many organizations there. When I do go to these conventions, one of the main things I do is walk around with portfolio in tow and inquire about art tips from many of the artists gathered there as well as show off my own work. Natrually,when I talk to these people, I try to talk to them as a person, not just some kind of random fan. Remember,they're ordinary people too. And it's because of that little rule that I have met my share of artists, inkers, and colorists, so I most definitely have acquired my share of contacts in the field.These are also those who are just starting out in the comics business as well as the more established comic and fantasy artists. Speaking about the biggies and pros out there, I have met a good deal of them as stated before. It's really interesting when I'm just sketching (as I was doing when I had some down time from convention helping duties) one time and someone comes up to you, chats for about an hour or so and THEN you find out they're someone really big in the business. It's happened quite a bit and it's pretty exciting stuff if I do say so myself!
As of the present, I am currently working with various companies and organizations that are utilizing both my 2D and 3D art skills. I've been doing quite a bit of projects because of this and it's quite likely that I'll post some of it's content on here as well. This includes the possibility of movies and animations. Also please note that my site does contain forms of nudity so caution is definitely advised when viewing the contents here. As for updating the site, I'll try to do that as much as humanly possible. After all, change is good as they say.
                                                            - Chris "The Starving Artist" Williams -
What's New?
3/20/03- Again I bring quite a bit of updates.I recently finished up two Vampirella pics at the request of a friend.I've posted those up in the latest section of the "3D Gallery".I've also included some pencils as well and they can be found in "2D Gallery VI".A couple of these pieces feature a creation of my good friend Vale.She definitely has a knack for creating certain characters.As for my next update,time will only tell about that.I'm currently doing some projects for people that requires quite a bit of my attention.Needless to say,the color Photoshop pics that I was working on are definitely on hold for now.However,I am still taking requests.If there's anything you'd like,just send me an email and I'll get to work on it.
2/13/03- Lots of updates in the pencils department this time around. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong on my scanner and fixed the problem.This means we have pics with a higher resolution. The little photoshop mission that I was working on has been sidelined for now.I'm currently doing two paying gigs that pay a lot,so natrually I have to devote my time to these projects.I'm thankful I even got the time to post the "new" pics as they have been lying around for about two weeks or so.Also, it should be noted that not all of the pics have received the "scanner" treatment and more should be up soon enough.
2/03/03- Sorry for the lack of updates around here, but I've been spending quite a bit of my time on numerous projects actually. Some commisions as well as coloring a lot of my older pictures with "Photoshop" to be exact. As for the reason of the latter statement, I decided that it was high time to join on the "Photoshop" bandwagon since it seems so popular nowadays. It's beginning to seem that the days when an artist could get by on just black and white art has somewhat diminished. Sad but true. But I have to admit, it certainly is fun to toy around these pics and give them a new life so to speak. Natrually I will be posting some of these "redone" pics on here when all is finished.
1/01/03- Greetings and Happy New Year to all. Today I'm bringing you a full gallery this time around.It's located in "3D Gallery IV" and I'm definitely happy with the results of all of the pics.As always, let me know what you think about them and if you would like to use any of them for some odd reason or another.I should also point out that two of these pics are part of ongoing projects that I'm currently working on so, (other than being posted on here) those particular ones can't be used for anything else at this time.Anyway, thanks for viewing the site and enjoy what you see.
11/29/02- Well as of now, I have finally finished up a multitude of tasks for different people and now I'm able to put up some more pictures as well as work on some personal projects. Scattered throughout the site,you'll find yet another assortment of newer 3D renders (some of which were commissions) as well as a few other changes.As said before,I'm going to keep my gallery count as it is and just occasionally switch older pictures with newer ones.
10/16/02- Well first off,I would like to personally thank all the viewers who have sent me mail at some point in time.It should be said that one of the reasons I didn't add a guestbook in the first place was because I was afraid that I wouldn't receive as many hits as I wanted to,but lately it seems that I have been proven wrong.The reason that I do art in the first place is to show it off and be recognized and I now see that it hasn't been for naught.Also,as you can see,the site has been revamped yet again and I'm pretty happy with the new layout.
9/24/02- In addition to some ongoing projects as well as requests I'm currently working on, I recently decided to change my "email" link to contact me.The reason for this is because some of the viewers may have gotten the I (as in igloo) in my former email address mistaken with L (as in lake).Who knows,because of this,I might have missed some important mail .Well rest assured,everything is changed now so I'll have no problem receiving mail.
8/26/02- New 3D gallery up including pictures of the classic cult favorite movie,"Tron" as well as other assorted goodies.Some pencils are now up as well (yes,I still work with the primitive pencil and tablet shockingly enough).
Also,I'm seriously considering categorizing the 3D galleries as I have way too much here as it is.It's either going to be that or just remove some of them.And finally I would like to give a special thanks to Vale,who let me know about the "Kubert/Lee" art mistake.I've made the necessary adjustments.
05/02/02 - Special request pics are now officially up! Two new pics featuring Jill from "Resident Evil" fame.