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Artists who Influenced Me


Artists who Influenced Me
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First we start off with the WildC.A.T.S. team created and drawn by Jim Lee.Lee has definitely had a big influence on me and many other artists because of his sleek angular style of drawing.


Michael Turner's Fathom. Face it, he draws woman well.


I'm actually unaware of who created this particular masterpiece and I'd be obliged if anyone can tell me.But it shows how creative the artist is by merging comic style art with a realistic background.


Ahh,the legend that is Alex Ross.He is responsible for many a great creation with his realistic painted style.


J.  Scott Campbell when his infamous Gen13 comic basically ruled the free world...Ahhh memories.


I find it truly amazing that some people actually do not know this artist by name.He is solely responsible for numerous books,calenders,comics,etc. and is an inspiration everywhere.The artists Boris Valleho.


Travis Charest basically sprung up from nowhere and took the world by storm.Even though he is a relative newcomer,many have adopted his stylistic way of drawing for their own.


Randy Queen and his Darkchylde character, Ariel was definitely one force together that kickstarted the whole "bad girl" craze.


And there are many other artists whose works have influenced me who are not pictured here.These names include the immortal John Bryne,Dave Cockrum,Klaus Janson,Mark Silvestri,Eric Green,and David Jones.Thanks to all.