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  I figured just about every other artist has their own website out there...So I thought I would finally jump on the bandwagon as well.
 On this particular site, I'm going to mainly showcase my love for art and comics on a whole and show off a good deal of my own artwork. Genres will of course vary from science fiction, fantasy, and pretty much everything and anything in between. As for a little bit about me personally, I have been a die-hard artist and interested in the whole art & comics thing since I was about five years old. I was always "that kid" that would be drawing almost all the time on just about everything and anything that wasn't nailed down. My friends and/or family can certainly attest to that! It should be also noted that I've been to countless conventions as well as helped out many organizations there in my time. When I did go to these conventions, one of the main things I would do is walk around with portfolio in tow and inquire about art tips from many of the artists gathered there,as well as show off my own work. Now natrually,when I talk to these people, I try to talk to them as a person, not just some kind of random fan. Remember,they're working artists just like myself. And it's because of that little rule that I have met my share of artists,inkers,writers,and colorists....So I most definitely have acquired my share of contacts in the field. These also include those who are just starting out in the comics business as well as the more established comic and fantasy artists. 

 As of the present, I am currently working with various companies and organizations that are utilizing both my 2D and 3D art skills. I've been doing quite a bit of projects because of this and it's quite likely that I'll post some of it's content on here as well. This includes the possibility of movies and/or animations as well. Also please note that my site does contain forms of nudity so caution is definitely advised when viewing the contents here. As for updating the site, I'll try to do that as much as humanly possible. After all, change is good as they say.