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3/05/06 - Newer pics are finally posted! If you'll notice, you see that I'm trying out a newer "signed/watermark" look to my artwork. Think of this as more as a test for now...As I'm not sure I'll be sticking with that particular way of doing it.

Nonetheless though, know that more artwork is on it's way in the very near future. One of the main reasons for this, is that not everything was posted this time around. There are several actually that are "already in the can" and have yet to be posted. Again, time will play a key factor on when I can actually get those up of course.

Also, I would like to know what everyone thinks of my new "cover art"? I finally made that step and did it! Email me and let me know what you think. Til' then.

2/27/06 - A preview of what's to come has been posted in thumbnail form in the "3D" section of the site. Hopefully I can get these up before the week passes by.

I also decided to do another cover update with one of the upcoming pics. Think of that as part of the preview as well. Til' Then.

1/28/06 - Greets to all!! As of the present, I have quite the update slated to come your way (and quite soon at that). Basically it's my own personal way of welcoming in the new year actually. However...I'm also doing a LOT of "remodeling" on the site these days as well. Yes...Once again, I'm in the mood for a bit a change around these parts. So once this is actually done, and everything is set more to my standards...Then I'll be putting some more artwork up for you to view. The good thing is that I've definitely created my share of 3D pieces as of late (always a good thing)...But next go around, I also hope to have some 2D work posted as well. Both old and new pieces mind you. So stay tuned. I'm here....Just shakin' things up a bit. Til' then.

12/21/06 - Well first off, I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season out there! And to celebrate this time o' the year, I'm giving you a few "Christmas" themed pics this time around...As well as the usual assortment of goodies of course.

Look for my next art update a little after the New Year. And if you like what you see you here....I would love to hear from you about it. Yes, Christmas and New Year's greetings included. Til' then.

11/28/06 - A full new row of pics (making a total of twelve pics this month) are now up for your viewing enjoyment. As as one can see this time around, I seem to be on a "Powergirl" kick as of late. As well as superheroines in general actually. The next go around could be more of the same...Or something completely different. Time will only tell, but Christmas is right around the corner and that can have a big impact on things here as well.

Also, to some of the people who I've communicated with in the past...Get ready to hear from me once again. A lot of loose ends artwise are now completely finished, which means I can now start doing artwork for various websites yet again. So be on the lookout, because I will be contacting you guys and gals very soon. Til' then...And I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

11/14/06 - All links now currently working....And possibly and hopefully another art update this very week!

10/26/06 - Greetings to all. Well it seems that thanks to this very site you're looking at right now, my updates have been getting a bit behind. The reasoning behind this is fortunately a lot of my viewers are appreciating my work more and more nowadays and sending me various requests...For which I am both very happy and thankful for of course (they know who they are)! I've also been recently contacted by a few companies as well....So it's good to know that my hard work isn't going unnoticed out there. Anyway, now that I have spoken on that, it's time to talk about some new work headed your way! I have yet another row of 3D pics for you to take a look at (working links up soon of course). One being a new picture based on my special "pet project" that I've been quite busy with lately. Note that I'm still planning out a few things concerning this (for the most part)...But the overall "thought process" is pretty much complete. Til' then!

09/05/06 - Well summer is pretty much at an end, and as promised I bring quite a big update this time around! Well all except the new cover picture... But I'll cover that one (as well as the reason why it's not posted) in a later update. But dealing with the current new pictures at hand, you'll find that a good deal of them are in the same vein and features new characters as well. Well believe it or not, these two are my "pet project" as of the current. I'm presently working on a webcomic as well as a "mini movie" with them actually. And they will also be (surprise surprise) featured on the front page of this very site in the near future! I have quite a lot of plans with this and the story for them has ALREADY been completed.

In other news, you might have noticed that I changed my artist moniker to "TSA" as opposed to "The Starving Artist". I will indeed be keeping the first as a name for this site, email, commissions, etc...But from now on, I'll be signing my pictures with the newer and more stylish looking "TSA" logo. Again...Change is good. As for my next update, it will feature hopefully the second half of the pictures I've worked on during the summer. Enjoy and let me know what you think about my two newest characters. I'm quite happy with the way that it's turning out! Til' then.

08/30/06 - No physical update this time around, but I do bring news...And a LOT of it!! First off, there's going to be a rather huge update come early September. Summer is just about gone and the fun has finally died down a little. But I have been quite the busy one (on some of my off time), and because of this...I'll have a lot for you to look at (to say the least). Also it should be noted that a NEW cover picture has indeed been chosen. I shall unveil that on the very next update actually....That is, unless I actually decide to keep the current one afterall. And last but certainly not least, I'll have at least ten or so brand spankin' new pictures for you to view! So stay tuned...Yet another change is truly about to take place. Til' then.

07/17/06 - Well, it seems it's been a while since my last update. I recently checked, and it's been well over a month believe it or not. Well take away any artwork that I do for profit, and I've been doing what pretty much everyone else has been doing...Enjoying the glory that is summer!! I also fell into somewhat of an art slump (any artist can tell you what this is...and it's not a good thing). But fortunately, the art bug has bitten me once again, and now I'm hard at work yet again creating whatever my crazy mind can conjure up. So this brings me to my newest update....As of the present, you'll find a new row of 3D pieces up this time around. And strangely enough, one of these could indeed be the new cover picture for my site (but that's still up in the air). And yes Mark (if you're looking), that last picture (in the seventh row to be precise) is indeed based on that "Jedi" story I told you about not too ago. Contact me if you're interested in it, or I'll contact you. As for the next go around, I now definitely consider myself a photographer now as well, and I'm seriously considering putting up a photo gallery for a change. The thing is, that will take quite a bit of time and effort, and with summer madness still going strong (to say the least), we could be looking at possibly fall for this little venture of mine to actually take place. Regardless of how that goes though, you can bet I'll have more of the same before the summer even ends. Til' then...And have a great summer!! Well what's left of it anyway.

05/29/06 - Summer finally graces us once again, and I thought I would kickstart it with some new artwork for all of my viewers. And we have quite the assortment this time around! Now seeing as though I've been making a lot of pictures dedicated to many of the vintage celebrities of days gone by lately, I thought I would try my hand out with the exquisite Raquel Welch herself. Now granted, I haven't seen her in too many things myself, but I definitely loved her in the now infamous prehistoric classic "One Million Years B.C". (and who didn't when you really think about it), and I'm a proud owner of that DVD I'm not ashamed to say. One thing I can definitely say about Raquel is that she always had this "aura" about her that just exuded classiness as well as style....And she was definitely a looker as well. So these pics are my personal tribute to her.

 Also on the "new" list, would be somewhat of a story I'm developing called "Sandcrabs" (name may change of course). It's about two friends (one a former army intelligence officer and the other a world champion gymnast who later turned into of all things...An exotic dancer). Isn't the perverted mind fun? Well the first has trained the latter to the fullest extent (but things still don't always go right for her so to speak thus ensuing adventure and comedy alike). That's pretty much the jist of things as of now. And natrually, this will be based in the usual hell that is a "post-apocolyptic" world. Anyway, this will not be a web comic per se', but I will be doing one shots of these characters periodically. And yes, there will be a bit of a story there.

Next up is another picture based on my "Farmer's Daughters" series. The title of this is simply put..."New Shoes". Pretty exciting if you're the only one in the family with a new pair of em'.

 And last but certainly not least, I decided to do a serious picture for a change. I wanted to tackle some of the craziness that goes on in the world today so to speak. This particular piece is called "Alone" and I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself. I will say this though...I wanted this to be a hard hitting picture....To get people to think. And surprisingly, I copped out at the last moment and made what now appears to be a beer bottle...When it was originally a revolver. Needless to say, there are many alternates to this picture (as I wanted to convey a certain mood and atmosphere here). Seeing as I've received requests for commissions for this in poster form, I think I managed to do my job.

As for the whole cover debate, I have my choices picked out somewhat...But I would like to hear even more feedback from you guys. As asked before, should I leave the current one, or do you have the right picture in mind that's elsewhere on my site?? Let me know....Because as of the present, a concrete decison STILL hasn't been made.

05/14/06 - Yet another row of 3D pictures graces this particular update. This time around we'll find everything from Battlestar Galactica (an older piece retouched), Star Wars, and a rather interesting crossover with Betty Page and..."Vampirella"?? Now this may or may not have been done before, but I think Mrs. Page would've been perfect for the "Vampirella" character myself. Certainly better than Talisa Soto...But that's another story altogether. Now quickly moving on, the picture with a "female stormtrooper" is actually based on a real person who does what is commonly known as cosplay. For those in the dark, it's basically where one dresses and/or costumes themselves as their favorite videogame character, superhero, movie personality, etc. Anyway, she has a lot going for her and I thought I would do this picture as a small tribute. So a big thanks definitely goes out to Mirax for simply being..."herself".

Also I would like to know how the newer website design/layout is working out for everyone. Is it better and easier to use...Or do you prefer the old version? Drop me an email (check FAQ for address) and let me know...Because I'm quite curious about this one.

As for next time around, we could finally be looking at a new "cover" picture, as well as a picture I did for one of my favorite DJs...DJ Amber ( I love her music and listen to it quite a bit when I work. If you grab some tunes on her site, check out "Pure Energy" on "iAMtheDJ" as well as "Get the *UCK UP!" on  "AmberDragonflyCode". Great stuff for sure and definite favorites of mine when it comes to her. Til' then.

04/20/06 - Greetings to all. The old adage rings true with the term "The mood is about to change!!"  For as you can see, I was finally able to reformat my website a bit and make some much needed (as well as overdue) changes. And now that it's finally done I can honestly say that personally, I never really liked the old formula at all truth be told...But I had to deal with it. You see originally, I wanted it to be a bit more "streamlined" and more on the professional side so to speak...But I was never able to accomplish this (with what web tools I had available to me at the time). Fortunately "the host" was able to gather a few more web-building tools, so I could make these particular changes. And because of this, I'm definitely thinking more about purchasing a domain now (something I really wasn't interested in before actually). So a big thanks is definitely in order for the new utilities! Now moving on, it's quite obvious with all of the newer changes that the website has gone through, pretty much all of the older "News" entries are now obsolete, and this certainly makes things more easier for me when I'm making updates. However just for kicks, I might keep the old entries up (mainly for prosperity and sentimental value). But, that's not exactly written in stone at this time...So we'll see. You'll also notice some newer pictures (mainly in the 3D sections) that may or may not have "working" links just yet. However, give it a few days and all should be in working order. And yes, those first pictures are indeed the "immortal" Bettie Page. I've been a big fan of hers for some time now actually and wanted to do a few pieces based on her. Anyway, let me know what you think about the changes to the website and also if you would like any of the older pictures to return. If you request, you just might get. Til then'.

Older Entries

03/24/06 - First off, a big thank you to "Caitlin" who let me know about the date mistake in this very section. Hey...I thought everyone would have hovercars and tubes that transported them all over cities by the year 2006...So the year within itself can sometimes just be a big blur to me!! Now moving on with some newer pics...You'll find an updated "3D Gallery VII" with about five newer pictures based on everything from Supergirl, Battlestar Galactica, and even Ultraviolet. Speaking of which...That last picture in "3D Gallery VII" is actually slighty based on a very good friend of mine. I was recently conversating with her and one of the conversations we had dealt with what's popular and what's NOT popular when it regards the fantastic world of modeling and current art on a whole. She had mentioned that just once, she would like to see some 3D depictions of some "more healthier" women out there for a change...Perhaps herself even. Well I took that conversation to heart and decided to make a picture with her likeness so to speak in a very "modelesque" (is that even a word??) kind of way. Needless to say...She was quite thrilled and hope it's gets the ball rolling for other artists out there. And yes, she had no problems whatsoever with the nudity if you were wondering. Regarding this update, it should be mentioned that a few more of my older 3D pics once again had to be removed so I could put the newer ones in. Again, if there's any favorites of yours that are no longer up, let me know and I'll try to repost them as soon as possible (or even send them to you). Finally, dealing with the next update on the site, let's put it this way....It's a lot sooner than you think. Til' then.

02/15/06 - Okay, as promised, I finally return with the big update I've promised. You'll find over a total of nine spanking new 3D pics spread all throughout "3D Galleries I, IV, and IX" with many more to follow. Also, a heads up...I'm currently shifting in newer pics for some of the older ones to contain webspace. So some of your older favorites may now be gone...But natrually they could return (if you like them to). Just let me know through email natrually. Strangely enough...With some of my more recent work, I feel as though I've been elevated yet again in terms of 3D art skills, and I've been working on numerous pictures (because of this little discovery). I'm also delving more into newer and different realms (There's only so much you can do with a nude body after all). I've also been more on a "super-hero" kick, even though I haven't really read any comics as of late (with the exception of my old ones)....So expect quite a bit of these as well. Til' then.

02/10/06 - With any luck,I should be making a massive update next week. I've been working quite a bit lately and i hope to post quite a bit of what I've created. Stay tuned....

01/03/06 - First off, I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's! It is now 2006 and natrually, the new year shall bring in even more artwork from myself as well as hopefully...A few new types of projects I've been working on. I'm (believe it or not) quite the photographer and have been working on it for a while actually. I'm debating if I should spruce up the site a bit by adding some of my many photographs from my ever growing portfolio. One thing that's on my mind regarding this though is...Would it clash with the 2D/3D artwork on here?? Since I'm at a loss regarding this, some feedback on this would be highly helpful. As for the present update, not too much since I've been doing a lot in terms of the Holidays (various non-art related projects and such). But I have decided to change one of my previous pics entitled, "Getting Rid of Her Demons". I like the blue lighting and this was always a strong alternate in my mind anyway. I think it actually fits much better if I do say so myself with the newer lighting. Also, I did a picture entitled "Take your pick". These two newer pics are  located in "3D Gallery X". Also look for another picture that was actually a request. It's entitled "Santa's Fairy" and now that I've given it to the person already, it can now be posted. It's located in "3D Gallery IX". Til then'.

11/21/05 - Greetings yet again. Today I bring you four 3D pictures with this update. These are presently located in "3D Gallery X". Surprisingly enough, I decided to go back to pieces more "fantasy" themed with this particular update. I think deep down I prefer fantasy as opposed to sci-fi...Or so it seems lately. Now granted, if you were to ask me this question 5 to 10 years ago, you would've gotten a COMPLETELY different answer. What this means is that I'm seeing more fantasy-themed media these days as opposed to GOOD science-fiction. I'm very picky on that particular subject, and I haven't been seeing too much of the good stuff lately (again in terms of media such as books and movies). If there's anything missing or that I'm not seeing, let me know by sending me an email telling me where there is some good science-fiction media left in the world today. This can be a good book, a film, comic series, etc. Again something new if possible. It seems that the best science fiction these days is solely on the internet. A lot of the people out there are creating and depicting stuff out there that blows Hollywood's stuff away these days. I would like to see some of THEIR ideas implemented myself. Now natrually, I'll still be doing my own science fiction themed pictures (look for a few in the next update as a matter of fact) simply for the sheer fact that I DO enjoy it after all. As with any artist (fantasy or sci-fi) themed, the sky is the limit to what one can create regardless of the genre. Til' then.

10/24/05 - Recently an older show that I use to like (and admittedly...Still do) came back to television. It's called "Battlestar Galactica" and I was always glued to the sofa/chair when this was on. Anyway, because of this, I did two pictures (with more to follow) based on that show. One takes a slighty different twist on one of the characters, while the other is more true to form. I also did another "Slave Girl Leia" picture as well. Now this particular picture seems to be garnering quite a bit of attention, and I'm quite pleased with that. Mainly for the fact that I had to keep reworking this one over and over until I was satisfied with it. It's already making the rounds throughout the net...So if you see it anywhere, let me know so I can take a look and get a smile going. By the way, all of these newer pics are located in "3D Gallery V". Now alI we need to do is get the old 80's "Buck Rogers" show back on television!

10/11/05 - Three more 3D pics for viewing pleasure are now located in "3D Gallery IX". Two of these focus on certain characters in the comics universe, and the other is aptly titled.."The Sad Girl". Even though it's a fantasy based picture, I was thinking of those who have lost family, property, etc. when it comes to both Hurricane "Katrina" as well as "Rita" when i did this particular picture. It was a sad moment for the world when these terrible events happened to say the least. If there's anyone out there who wants to give a donation to these poor victims, please go here....


Natrually anything you can give is helpful.

9/19/05 - An early fall update has cometh. I have three pics for you this time around...All in 3D. Check for my personal "R-Rated" tribute to Lynda Carter in "3D Gallery II" as well as a picture of WWE wrestler Lita (by request) in "3D Gallery VI". I've also included something a little more on the wholesome side also located in "3D Gallery II". This picture is entitled "The Return Home" and was definitely a joy to do. Natrually there will be more hopefully a little later this month. Til then'...And keep those emails coming.

8/23/05 - Seeing the dog days of summer is just about over, I thought I would start fall off with a bang of sorts. I have a pretty decent sized update this time around with more from what I'm now calling "Flashback 91-92". There's a whole gallery of assorted pictures of all kinds located in "2D Gallery VII"...And yes, I have reverted back to that style (for the most part) and have been drawing various pictures to be posted later. Also on the 3D front, I bring two pictures as well (with many more to come later of course). "The Sacrifice" and "Temple Guardian" are now located in "3D Gallery III" and "3D Gallery VI" respectively. Enjoy and expect more in the near future natrually. Til' then.

7/29/05 - Greetings! Today I'm bringing you a bit of a blowout regarding some of my older 2D pics from the "1991-92" era. I was looking at a lot of my older artwork recently and decided to post it for some strange reason. It was definitely a trip down memory lane (to say the least) and I somewhat miss that older art style of mine actually. These days, I involuntarily try to "somewhat" (there's that word again) emulate the style of now, and sometimes I don't feel quite right doing it. It's not me for the most part and I'm thinking about returning to my old roots and see what I can come up with. Anyway, definitely let me know which style of art you prefer. I'm curious as to should I revert back or just forget the past, and forge straight ahead when it comes to art styles. It should also be pointed out that I'm also quite the writer and I used to make pages upon pages of what it now know as...."fan fiction". Now these were my own characters, so it's somewhat unlikely that I would post those here (as I might want to do something with those stories (in a art sense) at a later timeframe. If I did post them, then you viewers would know what would happen in a future book because it has been already read through text. We shall see though, because I would love to post some of those on here for feedback. In closing, expect more like this in the next update (with some newer 3D pictures thrown into the mix). Til then'.

7/09/05 - "The Assassin" is now up. You'll find this pic located in "3D Gallery XV".

7/05/05- First off, I hope everyone had a very happy and safe "4th of July". Now on to business. I recently have been working on a little project for myself aptly named "The Farmer's Daughters". It's in it's early stages, but I already have some web comics, backstory, animations, and a few other interesting tidbits based on them. If you're interested in hearing anything else about the "Farmers Daughters", email me and I'll answer the best I can. Anyway, I gave them their own section which is now located in "3D Gallery XVIII". Hopefully I can can get some of those animations on here as well. Also in other news, I have two to three more pics coming in hopefully sometime this week. So stay tuned for those. And last but not least, you may have noticed that I recently updated my cover picture. Was it a good choice or would you prefer the older one? Let me know this as well, because I would like to know which one the viewers likes better. Til' then.

6/15/05- Greetings yet again. Here's a strange but true situation. I was planning to make a "five-picture" update this time around...But that was not to be. The thing is I recently made a backup of my computer, but unfortunately, it was right BEFORE I got a rather nasty virus...Which actually made me have to reformat (causing me to lose those other four pictures). However, I did manage to save one lone picture. It's presently located in "3D Gallery XVIII" and it's the last picture. The most interesting thing (and perhaps ironic) about this though, is that I was only semi-happy with those other four pictures. I put a lot of work into them (like four days each or so), but I wasn't happy with the results for some reason...Soooo maybe my computer crash was a good thing in the long run. Nevertheless, I DID like the subject matter of those lost pictures and I plan on recreating them. Just slightly different in terms of lighting, perspective, etc. I figured I would break my rule (this time) and just put the one piece I had up rather than wait another three to four weeks. Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think about the newest pic (Temple Painting).

4/8/05- Minor update: There's three more pics up....All 2D. They're located in "2D Gallery I and IV" respectively. Now what I'm currently thinking about doing is making a special page that features all my new artwork. That way you won't have to go searching and you'll know exactly what's NEW and what's not. Either that or I'll put up a "NEW" blinking anigif or something to that effect. Let me know what you think about about that little situation and I'll probably go the route that's most suggested.

3/30/05- It's been a while and this time around, there's a good reason....I've been busy, busy, BUSY!! A few commissions here, a few other projects here and there, and finally artwork and a few storyboards for a good friend of mine. Now because of all of this, I've had little time to do personal artwork. However...I do bring a few pieces to you this time around (since I'm just about done with everything). The first is a 3D piece based on a pen pal of mine's (yes, those still do exist!!) visit to Egypt, and the second is a 2D drawing celebrating the upcoming summer and of course....Bikinis and grrrrls! I plan to put a few other pieces, some more older artwork, and FINALLY some animations (I hope)! Til then...And natrually, email me with any suggestions or ideas about the site.

2/3/05- Alrighty..I finally updated with five brand new 3D pics! They're located in my newest gallery "3D Gallery XVIII" . I worked pretty hard on these and as per the usual...Your feedback is very important to me concerning the stuff I do for the masses. Let me know what you think, and with any luck...I can get some more stuff on here soon enough. Til then...Keep those emails rolling in.

1/28/05- Good grief...Would you believe it's January already?!? Well with the new year natrually comes new stuff. I have at least three to four 3D pics coming your way in the very near future. And this time around, they will depict "super-heroines" in various situations and settings. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out and I hope you will be too. Look for these within the next two weeks or so. Also I've added some questions (and answers) in my FAQ section (mainly due to several emails I've been sent recently)...So make sure you check those out.  And finally, I'm thinking of redesigning the site yet again. Into what, I have no idea, but once I decide...Changes shall ensue!! Til' then and keep those emails coming.

11/12/04- I have a few more pics up. This time, I turn the clock back and go "retro-style"! Two Japanimation and one Star Trek inspired await thee in "2D Gallery I and II". Note: These are older pieces.

10/22/04- Three new pics are now up in "3D Gallery XVII". One is based on the singer, "Jewel" and it took me quite a while to create her face the way I did. I'm very proud of the way it turned out and I hope you will be too. I also have been changing a few of the older pieces (as has been the usual lately), as well as added a couple of 2D pictures. As for what I am doing as of the present, I'm currently working on completing 3D versions of some other singers such as "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera, James Brown, and Tina Turner. Hopefully I can get some pics of these up as soon as this particular project is completed. 

09/29/04- Just a small heads up to the viewers out there. I'm currently rearranging things a little on the site. I've changed my coverpage (for starters) as well as updated a few of the older pictures. I also noticed that I have to correct the "year" on some of the signatures on my pics. It seems that some of the pieces that were done in 1994-2000 are listed with 2003 or 2004 and that's just wrong. I've changed my style quite a bit (as seen on the actual artwork) and I don't want any confusion on the years they were created. However looking back on all that, I definitely miss that older style that I used to have, and from time to time...I might revert back to it every so often. Also, I'm doing a lot of looking through some of my older stuff and more "archives" from the past will definitely make their way on here soon enough. It should be also stated that I added more pictures in each and every one of my "2D Galleries". This was done not to have my navigation links crawling pratically sideways toward the bottom of the page. As for some of the pieces that were left out throughout this little change... Some of them will definitely find their way back on here...Whereas others will not. Til then and let me know what you think about the changes.

09/14/04- Greetings. Well summer is now officially over and needless to say, I haven't updated in quite a while....To say the least. Well now that I have had all my fun and, it is now time to concentrate on bringing you what I can from my archives as well as some newer artwork. Now it should be mentioned that aside from doing certain professional work and/or commissions, I haven't really had time for a lot of personal work unfortunately. However, I did manage to do a few pictures which are now posted on the site in the latest "3D Gallery. Now natrually, there will be a lot more in the upcoming weeks now that I'm "back into the groove" as the term goes in terms of both 2D and 3D artwork. I seem to work best in the fall and winter months anyway. Anyway, til' then and keep those emails rolling in.

06/16/04- Well, seeing that summertime is almost upon us, I thought I would bring you a good dose of summer madness dealing with the er..."female persuasion". No robots, dragons, or any type of that stuff in this particular update ( not counting the dinosaurs chasing our little friend in one of the newer pics of course )!! Now I've added a new gallery labeled "3D Gallery XVI" and there's about four pictures in there with another coming soon on that same page. Also it should be mentioned that the piece entitled, "Big Red" is actually based on a real person. Can anyone guess who this is ?? (think bodybuilder and fitness among other clues) Be the first to send me an email with the right answer and you will have a free commission on it's way to you! I've sent that particular picture to her and she was quite pleased with it to say the least. And just so you know, her chest region is indeed that big!!

Now in terms of what's next on the agenda....Hard to say, but I have been doing quite a bit of reading on "Fuedal-Japan" lately...So that might give you a clue on what possibly to expect next. Til then.

05/14/04- Two new 3D pics up in "3D Gallery III". Also, some of the older 3D pics will be disappearing more and more in the near future. I've learned quite a bit since then and natrually, I'd like to show off more of the newer stuff...As opposed to the old. It should also be said  that this little rule won't be apllied to 2D artwork. Some of the older stuff in that particular category works just fine with me. Besides...I've been getting quite a bit of  requests to see some of my older stuff, so natrually I should honor it. Also it should be asked...Did I make the right choice with the new cover picture??? Email me and let me know what you think!

05/02/04- I've posted one of my more popular pictures as of today. The "Snow Angel" is now officially up in "3D Gallery IV" for all to see and enjoy.

04/12/04- Seeing as I have been quite the busy one lately, I thought I would give the viewers a little bit more in terms of art this time around. There's approximately three new 3D pics I recently posted and I'm quite happy with the way they turned out  (they're located in 3D Gallery IV by the way). Now some of these are for ongoing projects I'm working on and some are just mainly for fun. As always, enjoy and natrually send any feedback you would like to give regarding them. In other news...I've been seriously considering changing the front picture on the site (It should be noted that I'm presently playing around with various choices). Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what picture I should pick this time around?? Should it be an existing one on the site or should I create something new and completely different to wow the masses? To anyone who has an idea or suggestion, drop me an email at my address:(

02/25/04- As per the usual, I bring quite a bit of updates in both the 2D and 3D categories. It should also be noted that I've been putting various pieces on here throughout the last two weeks actually, but I wanted to make sure I had a sizable update before notifying the viewers here. As for where some of the newer stuff is located, you'll find some stuff in 2D Gallery VII and X, as well as some 3D pics in Gallery XVI. Natrually there's more to come after I finish up a few art commissions (as well as some projects that I'm currently working on). Take care.

01/07/04- Greetings and Happy New Year to all! As 2004 kicks in, I thought I would start it with a bang by bringing you some of my newer pencils I've done. There's definitely a variety this time around and something for everyone, including a few requests ( namely my friend Jane's tattoo and Frank's Wonder Woman pic). Natrually look for some 3D pics to be added in the near future. Keep those emails coming.

12/06/03- Well first off, I have two very important things to say. I would personally like to thank each and every person who has viewed this particular website. I've checked my site counter, and the number is quite high thanks to all of you. As said in my introduction, there are many who have independent artist sites...And I'm quite happy (and humbled) that you include me in those that you check out. So a VERY SPECIAL  thank you to friends, family, and fellow artists who come to visit here each time. Now the second matter of hand is of course..More artwork!! I've included a full page of both 2D art as well as 3D art this time around. You'll find them in the last gallery of their respective genres. Again I state that there is much more to come in due time. I already did another 2D piece that will be up soon enough, as well as doing a tattoo for a friend for her lower back recently. I'll be posting a picture of the draft as well as a photo of the tattoo itself..So be on the look out for that.Til then though..Have a happy and safe holiday season!

11/12/03- Small updates with more coming. Check 2D Gallery X for a few new pics. Also look for more pictures to be added to that very page as well as some newer 3D stuff in the near future.

9/03/03- After what seems like an eternity, I'm back again...Finally. As per the usual, I've been tied up with quite a bit of art projects and commissions lately (hence the lack of updates). However, I'm bringing some new stuff to the table...I've posted some newer pics in "3D Gallery XIV" with more to come. It should also be noted that lately I've been more on a "fantasy" kick as opposed to a "sci-fi" one...So expect more fantasy themed pics for the time being. This includes more along the lines to 3D as opposed to 2D. Now as for the many emails regarding the ads, I'm just as surprised as you now that they're appearing on the actual site as opposed to just pop-up ads nowadays. It seems Google bought out Tripod and the result is what you now see. I'm thinking this will change as I'm considering just purchasing a domain name to remedy the situation. Time will only tell about that though.

7/13/03- Well it's been exactly two months since my last update...And let me tell you people..It's been quite busy in "artland" for me. However, I bring a decent amount of updates this time around. First and foremost, I recently have been working on a project for some people and now I am finally able to post it on my site. It's loosely based on some of the "Superhero Swimuit Issues" that have been out a lot lately. It features characters from Marvel and DC comics among others and is found in "3D Gallery XIII". Also on the "to-do" list is add a new photography section. I've been taken a lot of "nature" photography lately and have decided to post some of these rather cool pics on here. Look for those soon enough. Til' then.

5/13/03- Again,I greet you with quite a bit of updates. This time around, pictures have been resized to give it a more professional, cleaner look to them. Also, everything has been completely reorganized so those trying to locate pictures from the previous updates aren't going to find them in the gallery specified unfortunately...However, anything added that is a new will be specified in this section as always. Speaking of, some of the pics that were on here have been altered or completely taken off. This was done because as an artist, I'm constantly changing or adding things. Some of the pics that were removed were because I felt that I've grown a little bit more as an artist and didn't want to have some of the earlier works posted. If there are enough requests though, that can definitely change and I'll put some of the older ones up again. Also,a special thank you to "Jennifer" for letting me know of the double paragraphs in this particular section. I must have been really throwing myself in my work to have missed that particular mistake. *smiles*

4/17/03- There are now penciled updates in 2D Gallery II, VI, and IX. Also, as I have mentioned through quite a bit of emails, the site has been moved somewhat. The reason for this is that I am currently unable to update the old site for some strange reason, which is why I decided to make the big move here. If that situation resolves itself though, rest assured that I'll probably just update both sites or even make separate ones for 2D and 3D art respectively.
3/20/03- Again I bring quite a bit of updates. I recently finished up two Vampirella pics at the request of a friend. I've posted those up in the latest section of the "3D Gallery". I've also included some pencils as well and they can be found in "2D Gallery VI". A couple of these pieces feature a creation of my good friend Vale. She definitely has a knack for creating certain characters. As for my next update, time will only tell about that. I'm currently doing some projects for people that requires quite a bit of my attention. Needless to say,the color Photoshop pics that I was working on are definitely on hold for now. However, I am still taking requests.If there's anything you'd like, just send me an email and I'll get to work on it.
2/13/03- Lots of updates in the pencils department this time around. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong on my scanner and fixed the problem. This means we have pics with a higher resolution. The little photoshop mission that I was working on has been sidelined for now. I'm currently doing two paying gigs that pay a lot, so natrually I have to devote my time to these projects. I'm thankful I even got the time to post the "new" pics as they have been lying around for about two weeks or so. Also, it should be noted that not all of the pics have received the "scanner" treatment and more should be up soon enough.
2/03/03- Sorry for the lack of updates around here, but I've been spending quite a bit of my time on numerous projects actually. Some commissions as well as coloring a lot of my older pictures with "Photoshop" to be exact. As for the reason of the latter statement, I decided that it was high time to join on the "Photoshop" bandwagon since it seems so popular nowadays. It's beginning to seem that the days when an artist could get by on just black and white art has somewhat diminished. SAD but TRUE. But I have to admit, it certainly is fun to toy around these pics and give them a new life so to speak. Natrually I will be posting some of these "redone" pics on here when all is finished.
1/01/03- Greetings and Happy New Year to all. Today I'm bringing you a full gallery this time around. It's located in "3D Gallery IV" and I'm definitely happy with the results of all of the pics. As always, let me know what you think about them and if you would like to use any of them for some odd reason or another. I should also point out that two of these pics are part of ongoing projects that I'm currently working on so,  (other than being posted on here) those particular ones can't be used for anything else at this time. Anyway, thanks for viewing the site and enjoy what you see.
11/29/02- Well as of now, I have finally finished up a multitude of tasks for different people and now I'm able to put up some more pictures as well as work on some personal projects. Scattered throughout the site,you'll find yet another assortment of newer 3D renders (some of which were commissions) as well as a few other changes. As said before, I'm going to keep my gallery count as it is and just occasionally switch older pictures with newer ones.
10/16/02- Well first off, I would like to personally thank all the viewers who have sent me mail at some point in time. It should be said that one of the reasons I didn't add a guestbook in the first place was because I was afraid that I wouldn't receive as many hits as I wanted to, but lately it seems that I have been proven wrong. The reason that I do art in the first place is to show it off and be recognized and I now see that it hasn't been for naught. Also,as you can see, the site has been revamped yet again and I'm pretty happy with the new layout.
9/24/02- In addition to some ongoing projects as well as requests I'm currently working on, I recently decided to change my "email" link to contact me. The reason for this is because some of the viewers may have gotten the I (as in igloo) in my former email address mistaken with L (as in lake). Who knows,because of this, I might have missed some important mail .Well rest assured, everything is changed now so I'll have no problem receiving mail.
8/26/02- New 3D gallery up including pictures of the classic cult favorite movie,"Tron" as well as other assorted goodies. Some pencils are now up as well  (yes,I still work with the primitive pencil and tablet shockingly enough).
Also, I'm seriously considering categorizing the 3D galleries as I have way too much here as it is. It's either going to be that or just remove some of them. And finally I would like to give a special thanks to Vale, who let me know about the "Kubert/Lee" art mistake. I've made the necessary adjustments.
05/02/02 - Special request pics are now officially up! Two new pics featuring Jill from "Resident Evil" fame.