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Q: Where did you get your artistic skills from and how long have you been doing 
A: Well,I'm pretty much "self-taught",although I would count certain artists
       throughout my lifespan as definite influences of mine. As for how long
       I've been at the art game...The answer is since I was five.And I've been
       quite serious about it since then.No joke.
Q: Define your art style.
A: Welllll...I try to go for more of the traditional early nineties look and
       feel myself. To me, that (and the eighties) were some of the best times
       for comics, so I try to emulate that particular atmosphere. However, from
       time to time, I will cover other areas of drawing (as seen on this site). Be it
       Japanimation, life-drawing, whatever. Again, a lot of this has to do with
Q: Is it possible for me to use any form of your artwork on my website?
A: Depending on the situation (and there are many)...All you have to do is
      ask in most cases.
Q: Are you taking any requests and/or available for commissions?
A: Yes I am actually (provided that there's not too much of a deadline).I'm
      always willing to go that extra mile for any form of payment.Be it the
      almighty dollar or more recognition in the public eye.You should contact
      me at for any more information
      regarding this.Hopefully in the near to far future,I'll put up some kind of
      a price listing (Note that some works can't be sold for commercial
Q: What motivates you in terms of your artwork?
A: Life itself actually.It mostly comes from my rather wild imagination...But it
      can also come from things that I see in media or in real life.I just take what
      I'm thinking of at that particular time and go to work.
Q: Will you ever be posting some of your older artwork on the site??
A: Actually,I have a few pieces on here already.I have pretty much an endless
      supply of older stuff in various sketchbooks,folders,etc.But as an artist,I'm
      constantly changing certain styles and/or techniques that I use...So you will
      definitely notice a lot of changes in my artwork from past to present.
      However,a lot more of the older stuff I did in the past may make it's way on
      here in due time.
Q: What are some of your favorite movies?
A: The Indiana Jones Trilogy, The Star Wars Trilogy,
      The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Run Lola Run,
      Hackers, Batman (only the Michael Keaton ones
      thank you), Heavy Metal, Wizards, American
      Beauty, Fire & Ice, Ghostbusters, Superman I&II,
      The Matrix, Spider-Man, Groove, Tron, Alien,
      Aliens, Forbidden Planet, Journey to the center of
      the Earth, Close Encounters of the Third Kind,
      Clash of the Titans, War of the Worlds (original)
Q: Strange question...But what kind of music are you into?
A: Well..I like some of everything...But I would say that I'm mostly into ska and
      electronic music (Yeah, I admit it..I'm a total "tech-head"). Drum n' bass, 
      ambient,electronica,etc. Simply put...It just "pumps me up".
Q: What are some of your interests beside drawing and doing CG??
A: I have various hobbies actually. Firstly, I'm more of an outdoors person.
      Boating, swimming, tubing, etc. I've also been known to frequent dance clubs
      wherever they may be, and I'm definitely....What you would call a casual  
      "videogamer". Scoff if you like but when the group "The Prodigy" took time off
      after the "Fat of the Land" album...They spent all their time playing the latest
      Tomb Raider game. And that was the core reason their next album was so
      late (laughs). Also, I've really been into photography on a whole as of late. 
      With any luck, I plan to get a photography gallery on here as well. Stay tuned
      for that particular one though. 
Q: How often do you get a chance to update your website??
A: Well,this depends on how many assignments and/or commissions that I am
       currently working on at the moment for other people (as well as myself).
       Usually my procedure these days is wait until I have enough "new" pictures
       to make an official update.I don't want to be the type that puts maybe one or
       two pictures up at a time.When I make an update,I try to make it as large as
       I possibly can.This way,you get more newer stuff to look at when you come
       to the site.
Q: Can I link to your site...And do you have any banners I can use??
A: Linkage means more recognition in the "public eye",so yes...Feel free to do
      this. But please let me know about it first if all possible. Just send me an
      email letting me know where your site is located. As for a banner, I just made
      one recently. It will probably change in due time, but at least it's something to
      work with. I've posted it below.